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Just found this article in the archives of the Associated Press:
Radio Helping Russian Speakers
KIM GAMELOctober 20, 1998
NEW YORK (AP) _ It was a day set aside to talk about love, and Tatyana needed some help. Not for herself, but for her son.
``Why didn’t your son call?″ asked Seva Kaplan, host of the New York area’s only radio talk show for Russian immigrants.
``He’s shy. He refused,″ Tatyana said, listing his fine qualities and his phone number.
Then, with her son’s romantic prospects presumably improved, Tatyana, a 65-year-old Moscow native, had one more thing to say: She’s fully behind President Bill Clinton.
Love, politics, the woes of Russia and local traffic jams mix easily on Narodnaya Volna, or the People’s Wave, a call-in show that reaches Russian immigrants in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
It brings them news of concerns that come naturally to immigrants _ citizenship problems, keeping financially afloat _ and eases into those that don’t come naturally to Russians: speculating on the life and future of a nation’s ruler.
``People who come from a closed society aren’t used to knowing much about their leaders,″ says Kaplan, running his hands through his short, sandy hair.
``It’s just a way to help people free their minds,″ Kaplan says of the show, broadcast 6 a.m.-8 a.m. Monday through Friday on WPAT-AM.
Kaplan claims to be the country’s only Russian radio talk show host, with listeners calling from many states. And though radio stations elsewhere have asked him to syndicate, he says he cannot afford to customize.
Kaplan leases time from Multicultural Broadcasting, which also provides space to independent producers of shows in several other languages, including Spanish, Ukrainian, Italian and Japanese.
Kaplan who arrived from Moscow a decade ago and speaks English fluently, doesn’t limit his program to the average of 25 callers. He fields questions after the program and even encourages English speakers to call, although those just hoping to practice their Russian do so at their own risk.
During a recent matchmaking program, one caller spoke very broken Russian, explaining how he learned a little from his mother who used to live in Moscow. ``Let’s not waste our valuable time,″ Kaplan said in English. ``Are you looking for a girl?″
Kaplan started his show in August 1997, backed by the local Russian daily newspaper, Novoye Russkoye Slovo (New Russian Word), which provides an office that doubles as a studio in lower Manhattan.
Though his background is in electrical engineering and computer science, Kaplan has learned enough about the talk show programming to mesh local, national and international news with sports and traffic reports.
Paid advertising in Russian and English range from local ethnic Russian businesses to a large Canadian telecommunications corporation. Kaplan doesn’t waste time, even during commercial breaks, when rustling can be heard as he underlines sections to read from Russian and English newspapers and entertainment schedules.
Kaplan sits at the wide, white table. A few feet away, producer Dmitry Istratov controls the sound, phones and commercials. Rarely raising his smooth voice, Kaplan does most of the talking on air and off.
One can get easily surprised at what listeners consider controversial _ including special prosecutor Kenneth Starr’s report calling for Clinton’s impeachment. Many Russian immigrants have criticized the show for devoting time to the report, saying the president’s personal life should not be discussed in public.
Kaplan has no head-count of listeners, but cites the potential audience with the census estimate of 1 million Russians in the tri-state region. His listeners agree.
``All Russian speakers in this region know Seva Kaplan and listen to his show,″ says Lyuba Chernova, a Russian teacher who lives in New Jersey. ``People either love him or they don’t love him because he says what he thinks.″

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