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Got a letter from a natural friend with a potential for a conspiracy theory:

"Congress passed increasing Russian sanctions by 97-2.

The only other time I recall such a consensus is after 9/11. Just want to comment - what is happening is a comedy/tragedy of vanity. Russians interfered (or tried hard to) in US election. Let's agree that this is a fact regardless whether it changed the outcome. Why did the Kremlin support Trump when they had the Clintons on the hook? The Iran uranium deal, Clinton Foundation, etc..  Obviously, the Clintons were somewhat (or fully corrupt) - and they could have been worked on to benefit Moscow with more prediction.

But somehow Moscow chose Trump. Why? My opinion - they loved Trump's rhetoric - the US government is corrupt, incompetent , America is weak (let's make it great again), elections are not fair, stricter laws against immigrants - all this exactly fits Putin rhetoric planted inside Russia for years, so that the Russians would not feel envy of the West. I think Putin could have seen in Trump somebody would copy his rhetoric outside of Russia without spending a ruble. Somebody, who will be the US president, no less. Last summer, this might have looked like a great idea. Plus, since Trump is anti-establishment and pro-business, sanctions could be raised -another sign of Putin being victorious.

Now, looks like it worked out precisely in the opposite way. Any connection and dealings with the Russians smell like treason to the American public. Makes Kremlin manipulations/politicking harder, if not impossible.  If Kremlin could turn back time, it would have possibly liked not to have interfered."

I decided to elaborate on this contemplation: what if Trump foresaw it all back then and used the Kremlin to his advantage without spending a dime?

Wanna be a writer?

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DMITRI Wanna be a ......... 07/26/2017 19:03
I do.

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