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В Москве у меня остался друг. Мы сблизились еще в 4-м классе. В 79-м одновременно подали на выезд и оба выпали в отказ. Я стал диссидентом-индивидуалистом, он-вором. Сейчас я живу в Америке, он все там же, в Москве, он не беден и свободен, но так никогда никуда не выезжал за пределы родной земли. На мой вопрос когда же ты, наконец, приедешь в Америку посмотреть страну, о которой мечтал, он ответил, что никогда, потому что Москва-лучший город земли, и иммиграция может быть опавданной только теми, кто уехал из провинции.

Я поднял его вопрос в Толковище, бсе до последнего русские американцы защищали свое новое отечество (кроме одной женщины, которой не нравится принуждение в школах делать детям прививки).Последним был работник городских служб, который сказал, что Америку могут любить только те, кто не столкнулся с ее системой наказания и самообороны. Так что разговор ушел резко в сторону от темы, но так оно и к лучшему-рефлексия хороша для тех, кто не смотрит вперед.

А позже пришло это письмо.

Hi Seva,

I have been listening to your shows on and off for over 15 yrs.  I came to this country in 1988 when I was 16.  Today after listening to your morning show I finally decided to write to you to voice my humble opinion on the topic of "freedom". Do we have more of it here in the US as opposed to Russia (and I guess to other republics of the former Union).

The truth is that USA as well as Russia, Ukraine and other post-soviet republics share one element in common - the concept of freedom is actually limited and stratified.

In terms of freedom and whether or not people feel protected and sure in the day that comes tomorrow, USA is more akin to the USSR of the years of Brezhnev and the oldies that came after.  Both are police minded states with the 2 notable exceptions - freedom of food and travel.  Here, people eat what they want, how much they want and where they want.  And if they know how to get a passport, they will travel (although to many it is a completely foreign notion due to the limited knowledge of the world map).

Russia and Ukraine today are true successors to the old USSR in terms of allowing their people to achieve only certain degrees of freedom.  People are allowed to be successful just enough and must in turn share their successes with the ruling class (whether it the government officials, corrupt police, cover or krisha, or all of the above).


Here, in the US, freedom is stratified.  Are we truly "free"?  Well, it depends on what we do and who we are.  Average Joes are more or less free to eat at McDs or Burger Kings, their choice of course.  But like in Russia/Ukraine, here we are allowed to reach only certain degrees of freedom.  Too much of it will not only be frown upon, it will be halted.  Your last caller was right in pointing out that those who called and expressed their hype about America as opposed to Russia, have not dealt with the prosecutors, special investigators and police detectives other than those working for the traffic or school safety police.  People get charged with all kinds of crimes and most have to take pleas despite any consideration of guilt or innocence.  Not to say that they are truly innocent but in many cases killing a random squirrel on the road gets equated to a capital murder if the authorities really want it.  The entire system is based on please, snitching and being "pavlik morozov".  I can go on and on, but I think you the get the picture of my line of reasoning.

Who is to say that Putin is more evil or more powerful that the Insurance Industry in this country.  Insurance Industry here is a legalized form of rackets.  Te whole country depends on it and every one pays the dues.  But when we try to get back what is owed us based on those insurance policies, the Huns are being unleashed in the form of special investigators, police and various enforcement agencies.  In order to protect its money, this Industry will stop at nothing.

And what about the population of Americans in jails? Well, that is a whole different topic altogether, of course.

As far as being socially protected, we live in a country that prints its own funny money (remember Popandopulo from Svadba v Malinovke) and there will come time, soon enough and all of us will pay a dear premium for that as well.

USA and the successors or the USSR are just too alike, more so in a negative way.  So, in my opinion every man should fend for him/her self in terms of how to make money, living and earn some very limited degrees of freedom which can be ever more enjoyable in places other than our "old" and "new" homes.

Best Regards,


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Y2Y the guy's a dimwit 03/15/2013 18:03
insurance is racket? tell that to someone who gets paid when they lose a leg or something. don't like being punished for killing a squirrel? try to drive responsibly. 'police state'? in true police state you can't openly say it's a police state, while in today's US the bashers and denouncers of their own country get more attention and reward than those to defend it. and that's from me, someone who actually HAS gone through major injustices while in this country

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